Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What do you prefer?

While re- reading our take home final a thought occurred to me. A question that is asked is "What kinds of conversations does the internet permit?" Which made me think - what source do I use more to express myself. I personally have a Facebook, a Twitter and two different emails. So, which do I use more to connect with people or to express my views. Well I tend to use Facebook for group events, but I use Twitter to send out short blurbs of something that I think are funny or something that I find frustrating. But I honestly am not sure of which one I use the most.
My question for you is: what type of online media do you use the most - if at all and what are your thoughts?


  1. The online media that I use the most would definitely be Facebook. I mean I have a Twitter, and I got on it and used it constantly when I first made an account, but since then I barely get on it. I am trying to use it more now—especially because one of my classes used Twitter for communication purposes—but I am in the same mindset when I got it; that having an account is almost not worth it. And this is just for me because I don’t do anything with it.

    As for Facebook, I mean, I like it, but like Twitter it is a waste of my time. I’ve noticed in the past (and more often this past year) at the amount of time I spend on Facebook. And I don’t know why I do it. It’s not like a lot of things change from the five minutes ago when I last checked my news feed. And that’s really all I use Facebook for—to have something to read or do when I am bored.

    Another online media I am getting more into is Tumblr (I just joined probably two months ago). This is one that I really enjoy because this site is where I find most of my humor on. This is the site where I am the most active reblogging anything that I liked. It too is a site that sucks my time away from me, but I love it and will continue to use it like I will Facebook.

  2. I definitely use Facebook more often than any other social media website (I also have a twitter, and even had a Google+ for a minute of two). I really hate Facebook. People's posts are annoying and they spend too much time talking about things that don't matter. Yet I'm on facebook every day, usually the entire day, because no matter what I'm doing on my computer there always seems to be a tab open.

    This isn't to say that Facebook doesn't have it's uses. I'm in a few organizations on campus (fraternity, writing groups, etc) that have and frequently utilize Facebook groups to communicate in between meetings. This ability is invaluable to these organizations, as it offers it's members the ability to correspond instantly if the need arises. The same thing cannot be said for any other form of social media. It's hard for large group correspondance on twitter, and the idea of having my email inbox bogged down by a confusing chain of emails from member to member sounds really annoying.

    So we'll continue to use Facebook because oddly enough it helps us to get things done.