Sunday, March 24, 2013

The future of advertising moving away from TV?

Because our last chapter focused on television commercials, I thought this blog topic would uncover whether those ads are even a relevant way to reach an audience in this age.

With the use of DVRs and TiVo capabilities most people are waiting to watch a show until they can fast forward and skip all of the advertisements.  I think that this is making commercials on television almost irrelevant to viewers.

I feel that due to this the shift to advertisements online has increased.  Not only are we seeing ads on the sides of our screens while surfing the web, but also before videos load.  I think that this shift is, although sometimes frustrating for the viewer, smart for those marketing products.  The culture's reliance on internet brings about a more widely available opportunity for ads, considering the web goes from computer to tablet to phone, not just the stationary television anymore.

It also allows for much more centralized advertising on what an individual is interested in - take note of the ads that show up on your Facebook feed or on the edges of Google.  Everything is now based on what is "recommended" for you, after having tracked things in the past that you have shown interest in.  Despite this making some people nervous about how much is being monitored while they are searching for sites (that's a whole different blog topic), it does make the ads much more relevant to each person's interests, and produces a higher interaction with ads.

People tend to be untrusting of commericals and ads, what they boast seems too good to be true, and that is often the case, but when commercials and ads are in relation to products and places that you as a consumer are familiar with there is a more likely chance for you to take the time to click.

One way that tv's commercials are remaining relevant is with the addition of "digital disruption." For example, as an article from Ad Age discusses, the ads during the SuperBowl are highly popular, and began to include hashtags and other incentives for people to interact with the content.  Whether it was naming the Budweiser clydesdale, or choosing a side with Oreo, it enabled advertisers to connect with the viewers in a way more suitable to this digital age, and the very common use of second screens.

So now it's time for your comments...
Do you think that television commercials are now irrelevant? Are you more or less skeptical of online ads in comparison to what tv ads boast about products?  Do you still sit through tv commercials?  Do you find ways to ignore ads, or do any intrigue you and stand out from the multitude that we see each day?


  1. I don't not think television ads have become entirely irrelevant, but I definitely think they've been on decline. Personally, I don't even have basic television in my apartment, so I have almost no way of seeing television ads at all. And as you've said, marketers have taken notice just as we have as they've now began shifting ads towards the internet. To me, ads on the internet generally seem less intrusive than television ads. Though popular sites like YouTube still impose ads on the viewer much like television ads do (assuming the user doesn't just DVR through them), most of the time ads have no real way of demanding my attention through the internet. For this reason, I feel they're much easier to ignore, for now.

  2. Advertisements make me stop, face palm, and roll my eyes. I honestly can't take any of them seriously anymore. If they're on television or on the internet, they're just there to be flashy and to get their product's name across. Infomercials are the best at doing this. Advertisements are supposed to be a form of persuasion, but I find them more as a bother. You can try to find them as being persuasive, but they generally don't even name their competitions. We all know about the paper towel commercials where Bounty compares their product to the "Generic value brand" What brand are they actually comparing their brand to? What IS Bounty superior to? What about the other brands? Persuasion doesn't work this way.

  3. I don't think TV commercials are irrelevant yet. Despite the DVR, I myself along with plenty of other people still prefer live TV. I like to watch my shows on time. I hate commercials as much as the next guy, but I take those commercial times to get up and do something because I don't like sitting and not moving for an entire hour. Because of this, even though I'm moving around, I still hear the commercial's jingles and music and dialogue. Only part of a commercial is images. The rest is the above-mentioned stuff. Hence, they're still just as effective as they've always been.
    Along that line, I don't think online ads have the same effect on people as TV ads do. Online is just pictures and if it has words, most people I know either mute the box that's making noise or close out of the page. I've also made windows smaller sometimes just so I don't have to see the annoying banners along the side of what I'm looking at or reading or watching. Jingles and taglines are what get stuck in people's heads which is what makes us think of the product. Without the ability to have those tunes, it's less likely to be memorable.

  4. I honestly think television commercials have even more relevance today now than ever. A lot of commercials--like you stated--are becoming more interactive with technologies like smartphones and tablets. Yes, tivo and dvr allow you to skip commercials, which i would do but find myself wondering how many people have access to dvr like devices compared to smartphones and tablets. Plus most on demand streams like fox disables the ability to skip commercials. I believe television commercials are more relevant due to apps like RL classic that scans quick response codes or Shazam, which allows your phone to listen to the commercial. These apps allow users to get discounts just by scanning the QR code or allow Shazam to listen. I have seen these on many commercials like this Wheat thins commercial with Shazam support. (

    I really do hate commercials on the Internet. I think that you are right that there has been a little bit of a shift. I think that shift has come from the natural growth of the internet and the publics grasp and better understanding of the internet. Even major corporations have struggled to harness the power of the internet and waited too long to try to (aka Music Industry). I definitely am more skeptical of internet ads because if it is on the Televison I know that it is being paid for by the actual company. When i see ads on the Internet I never know if it is a scam website. The television industry is very well established where the internet is still more like the wild west.

  5. I don’t think television commercials are totally irrelevant for all. I mean I am a person who tries to skip over commercials, channel surf to avoid them, but sometimes they are unavoidable. And they can be entertaining—actually most are trying to be nowadays. Television commercials still grab people’s attention even if they are not going to buy or get attached to whatever it is the commercial is trying to sell. I mean have you ever watched a children’s network channel with a kid and not heard the phrase “I want that!” whenever a toy commercial comes on? So I don’t think they are totally irrelevant.

    As for being more or less skeptical of online ads versus television ads I can’t really say much because I have an ad blocker on my computer. For the most part I think both can be really annoying (hence my television surfing and ad blocker), but I am not skeptical of either ads honestly. If I am interested in looking at the product they are selling, I will look but more than likely it won’t go beyond that. Ads are a part of everyday life today, so completely ignoring them is what I find is irrelevant (at least to me).

  6. I never pay attention to online ads they annoy the crap out of me. If it's a TV commercial then I usually use that time to do whatever it is i need to do (start dishwasher, use bathroom, get out laundry etc). However, if it's a TV commercial that is funny or has somehow caught my attention I will sit and watch it.