Friday, March 29, 2013

High-Speed Internet? No Thanks...

If I asked you if you wanted to have either $10 or $100, what would you say?

My good friend Time Warner told me that you would rather have $10 because you don't need any more than that, is that right?

Well that's strange, I wonder why they would say that. By the way, can I have that $10 back? I need to pay Time Warner for their crappy Internet services.

It turns out that Time Warner has a habit of overestimating people's modesty—especially that of their customers.

A month ago, Time Warner Cable chief technology officer Irene Esteves suggested that their customers don't want faster Internet speeds, and they especially don't want gigabit speeds offered by Google Fiber. She believes that only businesses will need that sort of bandwidth—a service that Time Warner already offers to such customers.

According to Esteves, "We’re in the business of delivering what consumers want, and to stay a little ahead of what we think they will want... We just don’t see the need of delivering that to consumers."

Rather than being faced with a lack of customer demand, experts believe that Time Warner is simply trying to maximize its profits. Time Warner and similar companies are making a 97% profit for their existing services(check out MIT's Technology Review for more detail).

Until Google Fiber becomes available to the public, we're stuck facing service carriers who offer nearly identical services and prices. Based on Time Warner's attitude, it doesn't matter what we want because they apparently know better.

What do you think? Does Time Warner have it right? Is our Internet speed fast enough based on how much we're being charged for it? Or is Time Warner full of it? You better respond before Time Warner answers for you!

In the meantime, check out the following ad from an honest cable company.


  1. Interesting that you bring this up because I've been complaining about Bright House back home and how they're ripping us off even though we've been customers for 10 years. Since we live in the country, no one else is able to bring us cable and Bright House knows this. Hence the rip off. Comcast, which I have here at school, is supposedly cheaper and crappier. Yet I seem to have better service, faster internet, and more options with it. So yeah, I can believe that they're sitting there saying we don't need faster stuff because it would cost them more and none of us would be willing to give them more money because they don't deserve it.

  2. I personally don't think any corporation knows what we really want. What they do know is how to make money. That's their job right? You would think that their job would be providing great service to customers so they will come back and buy more products. Amanda said in the previous comment that she has been getting ripped off because there is only one cable company to offer cable in her area. This allows for cable companies to rip people off. What i think is the problem is that there are too far too few options for certain services. It's almost like they are mini monopoly's. "if you dont want our service then find it elsewhere" doesn't work if there are no other services to be had. It makes me pissed that any company would decide they know better than we do. The CEO of that company also said that they wanted to stay ahead to figure out what we will want. I think its more about what they want to give us and what they know we will pay.

  3. I agree with John in that corporations are out to make money. Sure, they want to satisfy the customer, but only so that they will keep buying the company's products. I think that cable companies certainly have their way a lot too. I remember when my family and I had WOW as our cable provider. We had paid for a special premium package in order to get soccer channels, but after a few years those channels were no longer provided, along with some of the other ones we had from the package. We ended up switching to comcast (WOW's internet and cable kept messing up all the time too).