Monday, February 25, 2013

Ending Women's Suffrage

What do you guys think about this form of public discourse?


  1. I'm a huge fan of comedy as public discourse. I love me some Stewart and Colbert because their shows are all about it. While their show is all about comedy and entertainment, there is still an underlying message and a point to each story they present. That's the kind of vibe I get from this "End Women's Suffrage" guy.

    This guy is making a statement about the American education by exploiting these girls' inappropriate reaction to his "petition." The underlying message of this video isn't explicitly stated because it is heavily implied.

    However, we should also be wary of this kind of discourse. How much editing went into this video? How many girls simply refused to sign the petition? Is he just handpicking the reactions that support the message that he's trying to convey?

    No matter the case, I think the video is hilarious and deliciously cringe-worthy.

  2. Probably one of my favorite comedic moments. It's also a little sad to me that people fell for this so quickly. However, as Ace said, who didn't fall for this? I want to see a broader spectrum of answers, not just the one's who fell for it.

  3. I think the biggest problem is just that many of those girls just didn't know what "suffrage" meant and it of course sounds like something bad so they signed the petition.

    I would have liked to see some people with different answers though. I'm sure everyone they asked didn't just fall for it and the fact that they clearly edited some answers out makes it less believable. It's funny, but how true is it really?

  4. I definitely found this video to be funny. It shows how little we are informed (and I include myself in this category)about these types of issues (or even words). What I found interesting is that is shows how willing we are to sign something even though we have no idea what they are petitioning. To me the people the guy went up to (all girls I might add) seemed to sign his petition just to get him away from them.

    Like the others here, I too would have liked to see the girls who did refused to sign the petition beyond the one. But that brings the question to my mind, how many did refuse?

  5. This reminded me a lot of a segment that Jay Leno does on his show called "Jay Walking" in which he asks people seemingly "common sense" questions that they answer incorrectly. This usually results in me muttering, "You're kidding me, right?" As humorous as it is, it's also kind of scary. At the same time, I wonder how much the camera plays into them not thinking about what they're doing. I know that I tend to act a little bit differently when people point a camera at me, and I'm sure the effect would be compounded if I were being asked to help someone.