Thursday, February 21, 2013

For those who missed class today--
"Independent Media in a Time of War"
WARNING: graphic images of war


  1. Wow. Its true. You don't see much programming like this in America. I would be interested to know what the numbers are of pro-war, neutral, and anti-war opinions in the U.S. How do the citizens feel about war, and how does this match up with the way the media is portraying it? How does this effect the citizens? Does it create more pro-war supporters by means of simply false representation or one sided programming? It is disturbing how our media seems to shy away from the gruesomeness of war, how it just ignores it and shows the victories, the Saddam statues being pulled down.

    I watched a video yesterday about an island where there lives enormous numbers of seagulls and other birds. The video showed the sliced open decayed remains of the birds after they are dead, their stomachs full to the brim with a rainbow of plastic drink caps and scraps of this and that that had attracted their wandering eyes and they thought best to swallow. These birds are dying off because they can not digest synthetics, so their bellies are filling up with plastic and metal until nothing else can fit and they can eat no more. The images were disturbing, but no one challenges a video like this one. Still, it evoked my sympathies, as it probably did others'. Why do we care more about these birds than our own kind, tell their stories and not our own war stories of death and suffering? Or rather, why does our media?

    What I found almost as disturbing were the stories of the two musical artists who were under surveillance due to their political opinions. Where is our right to freedom of speech in these situations? Does being well known, being talented take that away from us? Especially if there is a group of people who follow these artists, who agree with them or adopt their views, shouldn't they be worth listening to? This is not to say that the opinions of the individual are not important, but certainly those of a group are just as if not more so. This is a serious flaw in the administration of our rights and freedoms.

    Out of all the monstrosities this video portrayed, I think the one that shocked me most was the story of the journalist in his office at Al-Jazeera. That the US would bomb the place, knowing he was there, purposefully kill this man because they were afraid of his power, given his trade, is horrendous. It is the stories like this that we rarely hear. What on earth do we, as a nation, think we are doing? We are not better, and do not have any more moral rights than anyone else. Why can't we see that?

  2. It shocks me that American society constantly rails on other countries for censoring their media (China comes to mind immediately) while we do the exact same thing here. It's the exact same thing. The government is controlling everything that we see, but we're so blinded by the way things work that we fail to see it.