Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Income and Education

High school graduate
Associates degree
Bachelor's degree
Master's degree
Professional degree
Doctoral degree
Median individual income
Male, age 25+
Female, age 25+
Both sexes, age 25+
Median household income
SOURCE: US Census Bureau, 2003


  1. As a woman who will be heading into the workforce very soon, I find it truly disturbing that the disparity of income between a man and a woman to be so large. I know the "women make 70 cents to the dollar a man makes" argument from watching "Killing Us Softly" and other psychology courses. However, to see that I would have to earn a doctoral degree to even compete with a male's Bachelor's degree is insane.

    Now, I understand some careers/jobs do pay more at the Bachelor level of education. There are always exceptions. I watch a Youtube star who has made a fortune from making daily vlog videos. He supports his four young children, a wife, flies all over the place, visits Idaho frequently from California, and is able to purchase luxury items on a whim mostly. He did not finish college and yet he makes a substantially large amount of money. For him, education does not always equal a large paycheck. He's an exception as an entrepreneur.

    However, I really can't think of why a woman can't make that fortune as well. I'm sure they have. There are women who have become their own business tycoons such as the CEO of Pure Romance consultation and products. It's certain women can rise to the top, but why on average is there a $20,000 gap? I can understand, I can reason. but I strongly don't feel satisfied with a given "answer". Normally, I'm not for regulating between genders (like how universities will offer certain male oriented sports and a certain number of female oriented sports to balance the two out). It's seems excessive control. However, maybe we need something to provide those equal opportunities.

  2. I think it would be interesting to see this data be taken a step further, and broken down geographically. I know that in many way location is a big factor in how much money anyone makes, and I think this would be especially true considering professional degrees and working in academia. I'm curious to know how the salary of, say, a professor here at Ball State in the midwest stacks up against a professor at a larger university on the east coast.

  3. I truly don't understand why there is such a financial gap between women and men. I don't understand why this hasn't changed yet and honestly I had no clue it was that significant!